Mt. Sinai
Community Overview
While 350 trees line the Mount Sinai business district, the newly acquired Chandler Estate (now a Town of Brookhaven park), helps to preserve the area's tidal and freshwater wetlands, coastal and inland forests, cliffs, bluffs, and a diverse array of wildlife.

Mount Sinai features many historical trails and sites, as well as many modern conveniences. Handy shopping, and a wide selection of fine dining and family style restaurants are all within easy reach. The area also boasts numerous farm stands, florists, churches, schools, and children's recreational facilities.

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School District
Education has been important to the community since the early 1820's. All three of the district's schools are centrally located within the town, and are totally self contained on a campus-like 65 acre setting. Mount Sinai's educational program is second to none. The facilities are technologically state of the art, and designed to prepare all students to meet the challenges of the future.
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