Wading River
Community Overview
The name of the hamlet comes from the original Native American name for the area, Pauquaconsuk, meaning "the place where we wade for round-shelled clams". Thankfully, the more simple translation of this descriptive native word, "Wading in the River" or Wading River was adopted by the first settlers.

Back in the 1700's Wading River was populated with gristmills, sawmills, blacksmiths, and taverns. Until 1947 The Hamlet of Wading River had a year-round population of less than 500. During the summer months, hundreds of visitors filled the town utilizing Wildwood State Park, the cottages on the cliffs, the dunes, and of course, the beaches. Soon after many would make Wading River their permanent home, and the population began to grow.

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Wading River shares its school district with Shoreham.

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